Corporate Concierge Staffing

Create an exclusive atmosphere at your property with a corporate concierge.

Prestigious corporate properties count among their tenants some of the most powerful businesses and influential decision-makers in the country. Beyond location, architecture, and amenities, your corporate property?s ambiance, atmosphere, and staff can create an environment that emanates success.

A corporate concierge from Jeffrey Scott Concierge can cultivate your property?s winning personality and add a level of sophistication that differentiates you from competitors. With more than a decade of experience in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, Jeffrey Scott Concierge can help your property achieve iconic status.

A welcoming smile and warm greeting await all who enter a Jeffrey Scott Concierge corporate property. Our team of experienced, polished, and professional corporate concierges will create an engaging presence and develop close personal relationships with your tenants that can increase your return on investment through higher tenant loyalty and retention.

We?ll take care of every detail, from managing the lobby to assisting visitors, providing directions, make dining and entertainment reservations, coordinating deliveries, and assisting tenants with issue resolution.

Beyond traditional corporate concierge services, our staff can plan networking events to drive higher satisfaction among tenants, create customized publications for your property, and make arrangements for travel and corporate gifts.

Your corporate property deserves to be a sought-after address.

Learn about Jeffrey Scott Concierge’s corporate concierge services: